New Low Bandwidth Stream

BandwidthWe now have a 32Kbps stream in addition to our 128Kbps one. This lower bandwidth is suitable for those with either lower bandwidth connections or limited bandwidth packages with their service provider.

The full fat 128Kbps is obviously a better quality sound but we realize that many people don’t have limitless bandwidth or listen on mobile devices.

Streaming at 32Kbps uses just over 14MB per hour. If you consider that an average 4 minute song in MP3 format (encoded at 128kbps) is 4MB in size you will see that listening to our 32Kbps stream for one hour is roughly the equivalent of downloading 4 MP3 songs. In contrast streaming at 128Kbps uses just over 56MB per hour, which is the equivalent of downloading 14 MP3 songs.


Notes on Streaming Using Mobile Devices.

  • Bear in mind when streaming on a mobile device, if you exceed your data allowance, your service provider may charge you for each extra MB you use
  • If you are connected through WiFi you can listen for as long as you like as this does not use your mobile phone data allowance.
  • You should always check with your service provider before you stream on mobile networks whilst roaming abroad. Your data allowance usually does not apply whilst roaming and data charges can be very high.

DJ EclecTed produces and broadcasts regular shows from the studio in Bristol in the South West of England. His popular show Eclectic Ted's Top Topical Tune Show is broadcast on the second Sunday of each month at 7pm. Ted also performs live DJ sets which are sometimes broadcast as they are performed.

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