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In this policy the following terms are used.

User(s): Any individual or organisation browsing our website ( or purposefully downloading our stream (whether or not they are actively listening to the stream as a live broadcast.)

Service(s): The,uk website and all streams provided through both the aformentioned site and external websites.

Us/We: The administrators and content creators of and its audio streams.


We take your privacy very seriously and try to keep any information that we record or store to the bare minimum necessary in order to run our service. We do not collect or store any personally identifiable information, unless you actively decide to share such information with us via email, facebook, twitter, SMS text message or our shoutbox.


It is our users responsibility to ensure that they do not share personal information with us or with other users, that they are not happy sharing. Where possible we will remove personal information such as email addresses or phone numbers, which users share on our website but we will not be held responsible for any activity that may occur due to the purposeful sharing of such information. Users accept full responsibility for any and all consequences of choosing to share personal information via any of our services.

We will endeavour to store any personal information about our users in a safe and secure manner and we will destroy any information that is no longer needed or relevant in order to provide any of our services to users.



Our site uses cookies both for essential site functionality and for non-essential site functionality. European Union users may opt-out of non-essential cookies and accept that in doing so they may lose some site functionality. No personally identifiable information is stored in any of our cookies or any third-party cookies.


By using our site you automatically accept the terms of our privacy policy.

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