Ecletic Ted’s Top Topical Tune Show

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The following programmes were recorded as they went out live and are available to listen to for a limited period.

Formerly “Ted’s Top Topics” The programme has been renamed as suggested by the late, great Nasher (of the famous Nasher’s Music Store, Bath) who sadly passed away in August 2015.

Click on a recording below in order to play it. You can also drag the play position to seek to any part of a recording. Recordings will stream in 128kbs and there are also low bandwidth 32kbs versions.

DJ Ted

      Eclectic Ted's - Journeys (128kbps)
      Eclectic Ted's - Journeys (32kbps)
      Eclectic Ted's - Cities (128kbps)
      Eclectic Ted's - Cities (32kbps)
      Ted's Top Topics - Guilty Pleasures 1 (128kbps)
      Ted's Top Topics - Guilty Pleasures 1 (32kbps)

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