DJ ElecTed Club Sets

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The following DJ sets were recorded as they went out live and are available to listen to for a limited period.

Click on a play button to play a recording. You can also drag the play position to seek to any part of a recording and adjust the volume using the slider.

Where not specified, all recordings are in 128kbps

Favourite DJ Sets

Mixing desk

      DJ EclecTed - Part 1: Deep Soulful House (Recorded Live 22-05-2017)
      DJ EclecTed - Part 2: Progressive House (Recorded Live 22-05-2017)
      DJ EclecTed / DJ Kinich - House Club Set with Commentary (Recorded Live 19-05-2017)
      DJ EclecTed - Ambient Electronica (Recorded Live 29-04-2017)
      DJ EclecTed - Prog. Ambient Chillout (Recorded Live 04-03-2017)
      01/01/2017 DJ EclecTed - New Years Eve Ambient Chillout (Recorded Live 01-01-2017)

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