Ted’s Past Themes

These are the themes that Ted has based his Eclectic Ted’s Top Topical Tune Shows on so far.

Trains – Railways/Railroads and train-themed music.

Splish Splash – Water theme

Elements (not elephants) – Earth, Air, Fire, and Water (not to mention various elements from the periodic table.)

A Space Oddity – All things space and celestial

Instruments – Songs about musical instruments

Musique Internartionale part 1 – Music from around the world

Musique Internartionale part 2 – Music from around the world

Careers Day – Songs about jobs and vocations

Musique Internartionale part 3 – Music From around the world

Food and Drink – Songs about food, drink and cooking

Historical Figures – Songs about major figures in history

Movies – Songs about films/movies and songs from soundtracks

Summer – Songs worshipping the sunshine

Lyrically Challenged – Mondegreen’s and misheard lyrics

Come Fly With Me – Songs about air travel

Animals – Songs about animals

Colours – All the colours of the rainbow (and then some)

War & Peace – Songs of war and peace

Fame! – Songs about fame and all of its trappings

Sci-Fi – Science Fiction themed songs

The End of The World – 2012 Mayan Prophesy (not!)

Heroes and Villains

Anti Valentine’s – An antidote to all that is soppy.

Whodunnit? – Murder and death theme.

Musical Madness – Madness and insanity theme.

Books – Theme around books, reading and authors

Radio – A radio and DJ, themed extravaganza

Medical Matters – Songs about hospitals, doctors, nurses, and medicine.

Philosophy – Songs about philosophy and the meaning of life.

Brothers and Sisters part 1 – Sibling related songs and bands.

Brothers and Sisters part 2 – More sibling related songs and bands.

Guilty Pleasures – Songs you love but shouldn’t.

Cities – Songs with the names of cities or towns in the title.

Journeys – Music themed around journeys and traveling

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